MyKU Documentation

MyKU is a website for Kutztown University students. The goal of this project is to redesign the UI and the UX for MyKU to be more useable. The project consited of creating wireframes, mockups, and user testing for both desktop and mobile devices.


The first step in this process was to do a deep dive of MyKU. We specfically focused on parts like the homepage and registering for courses.


The next step was to create five personas so we could put our place in a few sitatuions these users might be in. This also helped us on what things we had to focus on when redesigning the website.


After analysing MyKU and creating personas, the next step was to create a new flowchart that would help layout the redesign. Most of the structure has been the same in the final layout but a few things has moved after user testings.


These are the wireframes from mobile and desktop. They have been through a few rounds of user testings with random students.




After the user testing of the wireframes were done, I then made them interactive with UXPin. This let me bring my idea to live before I went to the final design. I then did more user testing before going to the mockup stage.


The last step of this project was to bring our wireframes into AdobeXD where we made them look like actual websites. There were some user testing during the process which made me change up a few things like the navigation bar and icons.

User Testing